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There are many things that could happen to cause you to lose your credit with Fingerhut or be turned down for their buy now pay later offers. However, know that there are other options out there that are just as good as Fingerhut. You can find a list of sites like fingerhut here on this website.


Fingerhut has been in offering buy now pay later services for decades and they have also been a the forefront of helping people get things they need at low montly costs. However, sometimes life happens. Perhaps you lost your buy now pay later credit options you had through Fingerhut and you are not able to restore them.



For those who have been dealt an unfair hand by life, they need other options. Since Fingerhut began, many buy now pay later sites have found their way to becoming a staple within American and European society. Some of the sites and catalogs like fingerhut or closest to fingerhut include the following:




Seventh Avenue


Grand Pointe


Montgomery Wards




You can apply to any of these sites similar to the way you applied with Fingerhut. They also offer many of the same items, especially Grand Pointe, SeventhAvenue, Ginny's and Montgomery Wards.









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Thank you so much for your support over the years that I have been writing and and talking about amazing buy now pay later and instant credit offers even if you have bad credit. Some of you know, that I usually write long and elaborate articles on these subjects, but presently I am in the process of revamping the articles and updating them for 2017. I usually don't like to just put the links to each site, but while I'm updating them, that's what I'll do. 

The subject of buy now pay later and deferred billing is quite intersting and I appreciate all of you whom have reached out to me and let me know how these articles have affected you.





Comprehensive List of By Now Pay Later Websites, Places, and Companies



  1. Carol Wright Gifts-Buy Now Pay Later Catalog
  2. Montgomery Ward Buy Now Pay Later Catalog-Catalog With Instant Credit
  3. Finger Hut Monthly Payment Online Store: Finger Hut Buy Now Pay Later
  4. Seventh Avenue Buy Now Pay Later Catalog-Catalog With Instant Credit
  6. Buy Now Pay Later Jewelry
  7. Midnight Velvet Online Catalog Credit Account-Catalog With Instant Credit
  8. Mason Easy Pay: Buy Now Pay Later Shoes
  9. Musician's Friend Buy Now Pay Later Musical Instruments
  10. Massey's Buy Now Pay Later Shoes
  11. Swiss Colony Buy Now Pay Later Online Shopping-Catalog With Instant Credit
  12. Grand Pointe Buy Now Pay Later Online Shopping-Catalogs With Instant Credit
  13. AJ Madison Buy Now Pay Later Appliances
  14. QVC's Deferred Billing Option
  15. HSN's Deferred Billing Option
  16. ShopNBC Credit Card-Buy Now Pay Later Options
  17. Bradford Exchange Buy Now Pay Later Online Shopping
  18. Linen Source Buy Now Pay Later Online Shopping
  19. Stoneberry Buy Now Pay Later Catalog
  20. K Jordan Buy Now Pay Later Catalog
  21. Gettington Buy Now Pay Later Catalog-Catalog With Instant Credit Approval
  22. Tender Filet Buy Now Pay Later Catalog-Catalog With Instant Credit
  23. Monroe and Main Buy Now Pay Later Online Catalog
  24. Country Door Buy Now Pay Later Catalog-Catalog With Instant Credit
  25. Collections Etc.
  26. Spiegel Home Shopping Catalog
  27. Newport News 
  28. The Lakeside Collection 

         Flex Shopper


        Overstock - Choose & Charge

        Gallery Homestore

        Luther Sales


        Savannah's Candy Kitchen



Latest dresses from










In this world it is absolutey necessary to have a cell phone with multiple features including video imaging and high storage capacity as well as a tablet with high functionality. Many people who do not have credit cards or cannot get credit cards because they have no credit or bad credit find it hard to purchase a high functional tablet such as the iPad or iPad Mini.  See a comprehensive list of buynow pay later catalogs and websites: Press Here


However, with buy now pay later options such as those available with and Seventh Avenue, you can get a tablet for as low as $20-29 per month. With these instant credit catalogs, you can get a good bargin product without having to be approved for a Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card.  These catalogs are also a great way to build new credit and re-build damaged credit.

Companies such as, Fingurehut and Seventh Avenue have been around for decades.  It is only recently that you have begun to see places like advertise on television, however, deferred payment catalogs are as old as apple pie, as the saying goes.  They are a staple iin our culture and they have been the alternative to conventional credit and the answer to many people who cannot get conventional credit or don't want to use conventional credit options. There is a deferred payment catalog for practically any type of product you can think of. 







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What are Some Great Sites and Places Like Fingerhut in 2017?


Fingerhut, Sears and Montgomery Ward were pretty much the vanguards of the buy now pay later scene. Today there are dozens are websites and places that will allow you to buy on credit regardless of your present credit history.  Evern well-known ecommerce and bidding sites including Ebay and Amazon also currently offer buy now pay later offers via their "bill me later" and other credit options.


Lakeside Catalog

Lakeside online buy now pay later catalogs is a little unique. It has specialty items NFL, DIY, toys, electronics and bed and bath.  For low monthly payments, you can enjoy things that you though were not possible because of your credit history. You can learn more about Lakeside here: Lakeside Catalog Information.





Stoneberry Catalog

As their website says, applying for credit with stoneberry is as easy as placing an order. That's it! Just place an order with Stoneberry and you can have instant credit to shop for a number of items including: electronics, lawn and garden, kitchen, home decor, sports and fitness and "as seen on TV."


Seventh Avenue

This catalog offers a wide array of items from household goods, jewelry, culinary and cookware, children's items and outdoor items for all seasons.  Applying for credit with Seventh Avenue is easlity done at check out like many of other buy now pay later websites.



This is one of my favorite catalogs because getting credit with GrandPointe is very easy. GrandPointe offers an array of goods from household to electronics and offers very affordable montly payment plans.



Ginny's has grown so much over the years, today it has matured into an evolved source of fantastic items with low montly payments. If you have great rapport with the other buy now pay later catalogs, getting credit with Ginny's should be a snap. Many of these catalogs are interlinked so when ordering online, it is each to use the same account numbers for different catalogs.  This makes it easy to shop and pay your bills online.











Need instant credit to shop for gifts in time for Christmas? No worries, because with you can shop for your gift get instant credit when you check out!  It's that easy! Wards is fixture within the buy now pay later catalog industry. Not to mention, it is also as reputable as Sears as far as department store shopping is concerned.  

Learn more about Montgomerward Instant Credit Catalog: Press Here


So What Is This Simple Process?

So How Easy Is the Process?

To get instant credit with Wards, you only need to do the following:

1) Choose the items that you want to purchase

2) If you received a Montgomery Wards catalog with an Easy # on it, then enter the Easy# when prompted to do so

3) If you do not have a catalog with an Easy # on it, simply answer two brief questions and you are done!


Activating a new account does take 24 hours but you should be good to go to help you buy those Christmas gifts.


Things To Remember about Ward's Instant Credit Catalog

Even though this process is very easy, even for people with bad credit, you should remember that it is important to adhere to the credit repayment guidelines. Infact, the more you buy and pay off your balance, the more your credit limit will gradually increse.  For reliable consumers who start out with $200, it is pretty easy to build your credit allowance to $1000 over time by repaying your debt on time. 


Merry Christmas and enjoy!