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Need instant credit to shop for gifts in time for Christmas? No worries, because with you can shop for your gift get instant credit when you check out!  It's that easy! Wards is fixture within the buy now pay later catalog industry. Not to mention, it is also as reputable as Sears as far as department store shopping is concerned.  

Learn more about Montgomerward Instant Credit Catalog: Press Here


So What Is This Simple Process?

So How Easy Is the Process?

To get instant credit with Wards, you only need to do the following:

1) Choose the items that you want to purchase

2) If you received a Montgomery Wards catalog with an Easy # on it, then enter the Easy# when prompted to do so

3) If you do not have a catalog with an Easy # on it, simply answer two brief questions and you are done!


Activating a new account does take 24 hours but you should be good to go to help you buy those Christmas gifts.


Things To Remember about Ward's Instant Credit Catalog

Even though this process is very easy, even for people with bad credit, you should remember that it is important to adhere to the credit repayment guidelines. Infact, the more you buy and pay off your balance, the more your credit limit will gradually increse.  For reliable consumers who start out with $200, it is pretty easy to build your credit allowance to $1000 over time by repaying your debt on time. 


Merry Christmas and enjoy!