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What are Some Great Sites and Places Like Fingerhut in 2017?


Fingerhut, Sears and Montgomery Ward were pretty much the vanguards of the buy now pay later scene. Today there are dozens are websites and places that will allow you to buy on credit regardless of your present credit history.  Evern well-known ecommerce and bidding sites including Ebay and Amazon also currently offer buy now pay later offers via their "bill me later" and other credit options.


Lakeside Catalog

Lakeside online buy now pay later catalogs is a little unique. It has specialty items NFL, DIY, toys, electronics and bed and bath.  For low monthly payments, you can enjoy things that you though were not possible because of your credit history. You can learn more about Lakeside here: Lakeside Catalog Information.





Stoneberry Catalog

As their website says, applying for credit with stoneberry is as easy as placing an order. That's it! Just place an order with Stoneberry and you can have instant credit to shop for a number of items including: electronics, lawn and garden, kitchen, home decor, sports and fitness and "as seen on TV."


Seventh Avenue

This catalog offers a wide array of items from household goods, jewelry, culinary and cookware, children's items and outdoor items for all seasons.  Applying for credit with Seventh Avenue is easlity done at check out like many of other buy now pay later websites.



This is one of my favorite catalogs because getting credit with GrandPointe is very easy. GrandPointe offers an array of goods from household to electronics and offers very affordable montly payment plans.



Ginny's has grown so much over the years, today it has matured into an evolved source of fantastic items with low montly payments. If you have great rapport with the other buy now pay later catalogs, getting credit with Ginny's should be a snap. Many of these catalogs are interlinked so when ordering online, it is each to use the same account numbers for different catalogs.  This makes it easy to shop and pay your bills online.